I had a conversation with sorrow today.

She’d been taking up so much space, so heavy, all around.

Asked her what she wanted me to know.

First, she said, not with words but with energy,

“You’re not the only one with sorrow.”

She didn’t say it to reprimand, just acknowledging.


This breath in.
This breath out.


Second, she said, not with words, but with energy,

“Now that I have your attention, we can work together.”

Sorrow winked at me, just like my grandma used to do. As if she was saying,

“There is a purpose,

you’re on the right track,

I got you.”

2 thoughts on “A talk with sorrow

  1. Annamary Church says:

    I love you Ilonka Michelle Haun O’Neil❤️—Mom


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