One of my yoga students, a retiree, told me she fell last week while out on a walk. She said she lay there on the ground, upset and confused. She didn’t know if she’d tripped or if she’d fainted. Her phone had fallen out of her reach. She wanted to call her husband for help, but couldn’t get to it.

After a bit of panic, she had a “wait-a-second” moment, and remembered,

“I do yoga.”

And she thought,

“Ilonka has me getting up off the floor from my belly all the time.”

So she took a breath. And she did what we do in class.

And she was able to get up, and she brushed herself off, and was able to make her way home.

A few days later, she’s got a bruised knee, and a sore hand.

But otherwise she’s fine.

Yogis, wouldn’t it be great if the next time we were in a tailspin we were able to do as this student did? To wait-a-second, take a breath, remind ourselves, “I do yoga,” and THEN…

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