I teach private yoga lessons. Contact me @ 216-800-2098 or via email Lifeorileyo@gmail.com

Public group classes:

Sundays: 1PM EST  Flow, Writer. Self-discovery through yoga & writing

Tuesdays: 4PM EST Gentle Yoga

Thursdays: 9:30AM EST Prayer infused Vinyasa


1) Go to: Sattvawisdomcenter.com and scroll down to find my classes.

2) Sign up for the class with your credit card, just as you would buy anything online.

Take a breath. You’ve got this!

3) If you don’t have the Zoom app on your device, go to the app store and click on it to install it. The app is free. You don’t need to sign up for any sort of plan.

You are so close to being done! This is all you need to do, for now!

4) 30 minutes before the class, you will receive an email, with a link. Click on that link and it will take you to a page that gives you a choice to “allow” and you click allow.

This will take you right into the Zoom room for class.

Teachers will be there 30 minutes early to help troubleshoot any tech problems.

5)On your Zoom screen, find a little microphone icon, and allow audio.

6)On your Zoom screen, find a little camera icon and allow video.

7) Set up your mat, sideways. So I can see the length of it. Better for me to see you from the side, rather than see your feet. You’ll need to prop up your phone or laptop or ipad several feet out ahead (against a table or chair leg or wall) for me to be able to see you. We can play with this in the 30 minutes before class once you are in the Zoom room.

There is also an option not to allow video, and I would not be able to see you. But you would be able to see me. It is your choice, but I would really love to see your beautiful faces if possible.

That’s it! You’re ready to practice!

Once you get the hang of this it is very easy. Our online classes have been going very well.

Hope to see you soon!

Sending lots of love.

This breath in.

This breath out.

Private yoga/senior stretch classes, in your home or clubhouse.

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