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This week’s theme at Sattva Wisdom Center is trust. Is there someone in your life you trust? Someone that loves you no matter what? Someone you can lean on and feel supported by even at your most ugly, most vulnerable? If you don’t have that now, is there someone you’ve ever had that with? Someone that has perhaps passed on? Or maybe someone you otherwise can’t physically get to right now? Can you bring them to mind and feel their essence all around you?

Do you trust in unseen forces? Are you a believer in something bigger than yourself? Do you believe you were Divinely created?

Perhaps you trust that the moon will come out this evening, and the sun will come out in the morning. That gravity will continue to hold you to the earth. Those are forms of trust as well.

When the world suddenly comes to a screeching halt, but at the same time information is flooding into our brains faster than ever before, it is disorienting. It feels a little like whiplash. Am I really slowing down? Or am I being asked to take in more information in a day than my ancestors did in decades?

How can our human bodies cope?

We come back to the breath, back to our hearts, but even one day those will stop. All of us will eventually cease breathing. Our hearts will one day beat their final tha-dump.

All we can do is trust. Trust that the force that brought us into existence is a loving force, and is carrying us. It made your eyes so beautiful. It made the ocean, and the mountains and the sunsets. It made babies, and puppies, and trees, and laughter and music. Love, made that heart beating in your chest.

Trust that Love is the thing holding the planets and the stars in place. Trust that there is a reason each one of us is here, right now, at this time in history. Trust that even now, especially now, when there is so much uncertainty, we are expanding. Unfolding.

Trust that even if when we and/or those we love get to the very end of this life, we don’t know the end of the story.

Trust in the mystery that is everything.

Hands on heart.

This breath in.
This breath out.

We can consider the possibility of finding, something to trust.

* I will be teaching gentle ONLINE yoga Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST this week at Sattva Wisdom Center.  I welcome you from the comfort of your own space, wherever you are in the world.

Please visit the schedule. We have many seasoned teachers holding space for you during this time, a portion of the proceeds from each class will go to local charities during the corona virus shut down. We raised over $1000 for the Palm Beach Food Bank last week.





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