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The photo above is of a group of writers whom I adore in Cleveland, Ohio. We would get together once a month and read what we had written from a prompt assigned the month prior. The group was modeled after another local writing group that had been together for over a dozen years. Prior to forming our group, I asked one of their members, a dear friend of mine, what the secret to their cohesiveness was, and she said,

“No critiques.”

If you’ve ever been in a writing critique group, you might know how brutal they can be. Those who argue the virtue of critique groups say, “You’ll never get better if you can’t take criticism.”

I say, you’ll never get to the heart of what you’re needing to write if you do not feel safe.

So, the rule was no critiques. BUT, if you wanted to have your piece workshopped by one or more members of the group, you could do that outside the monthly circle. The circle would be sacred.

The writing that came out of this group was exquisite. I remember feeling buzzy, just surrounded by incredible talent, and held in sacred space. That writing group counted as one of my biggest losses when we moved from Cleveland. I’ve missed it/them dreadfully.

Very shortly after moving to Florida in 2013, I became a yoga teacher. Like writing, it was a practice I’d loved for a long time and the transition point in my life made it possible to take the plunge into teacher training. I absolutely love teaching yoga and count it as one of my greatest blessings.

This week, I am THRILLED to begin a new adventure combining writing and yoga. I honestly don’t know why I have not done this sooner. When a friend recently suggested it, I felt my heart do a happy leap. It was a “Hell, yes!”

With the COVID-19 “great pause” upon us, there could not be a better time. We all have a lot to process right now, and what better way to do that than through yoga and writing?

Flow Writer, Self-Discovery Through Yoga and Writing will begin with a gentle yoga practice, suitable for beginners. We will move some physical energy through for about 45-minutes. Then we will write to a prompt. Students will have the opportunity to read their work out loud, (if they choose to) which can be a profound and healing experience. Feedback will be very specific, directed, and short. No critique.

This is an ongoing class. People can drop in any week. You do not need prior yoga or writing experience. All are welcome. You are cordially invited.

It starts Sunday, May 3, at 1:00PM EST on Zoom, sign up via Sattva Wisdom Center.

I cannot wait.

* A portion of the proceeds from every offering at Sattva Wisdom Center goes to the Palm Beach Food Bank. So, while you fill your own cup, you are also giving to those who truly need it at this time. It is a very special center, and I am honored to be part of it. Check out   the many offerings, including two free Wisdom Lounge sessions here.

** First week was a great success! The students who showed up were open and brave.



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