Go with your own gut. Trust your own intuition. If I had to offer one piece of advice to anyone that would be it. Every time I have gone against my own inner guidance, it has resulted in pain. Growth always comes from pain so I won’t call those moments mistakes, but I am all for learning in an easier way these days, if I can help it.

As a parent, people offer advice. They mean well. But they do not know my child as well as I do. I listen. And then decide what rings true. That bit of advice is good. Let me implement it. That bit of advice is misguided. It doesn’t apply to me and my child. It might be true for the advice giver, but not for us.

What if I can’t feel my gut? What if life around me is so busy, so noisy, I don’t even know what I think or feel?

Time to get on the mat.

Moving and breathing and stretching and making space, the outer most layer of angst drops off. Soon, the mind focuses more keenly on the poses. Where is my arm? Where are my legs? How’s my form? Focus, focus. Focus on something other than the problem.

Moving and breathing.

Eventually the practice comes down to the floor. Forward folds invite silence.

Nothing to do but listen.

That inner voice, the Higher Self is always lovingly waiting in the quiet.

You DO know what to do.

You also know what not to do.



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