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So I should mention the phone call I had with Heather when I got home from my fateful PT appointment wherein I was told the yoga practice I loved so much would have to change for good. Heather is a fellow teacher, a prolific one at that (go there with me to a land where the word prolific translates from writing to teaching yoga). I dare you to try keeping up with all the places she teaches and all the yoga adventures she’s constantly going on. She is a dear friend, one I knew would really “get” what a loss this was. And besides, she’s the one that referred me to this physical therapist!

Starting the car after the appointment, I stopped my tears, and driving home tried to talk myself into being okay with the news that my yoga practice would never be the same. I did my best to jump past the pain to a place where I would take the spiritual leap and find the silver lining immediately. I would be stoic. And besides, there is that dang, “the accident could have been so much worse” ever at the ready telling me I should just be grateful.

As soon as I got home I called Heather. As soon as I heard her voice, I crumbled. I sobbed. I said victimy things I hope she never repeats. She listened with empathy. I felt really, really heard and understood. And then, out of consideration, she spoke in my native tongue (profanity) and for my benefit said,

“Okay, today you cry. Today have the biggest pity party. And when you are done, you will get the F#@K back on your mat, and get on with it.”

And I laughed.

A friend who can hold space for your pain, and also the vision of you moving through it and forward, is special. The kind of friend I want to have, and the kind of friend I want to be.

We’ll call it a Soul Garden Friend.


*click on the photo of Heather to see more of Andrea Blakesberg’s photography.


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