A Divine Yoga Teacher:

“I have been practicing yoga for the past 6 years. I have tried many studios and instructors. Most were real good but few exceptional. Ilonka O’Neil is that rare exceptional yoga inspiration! I am not sure I can express in words the sense of genuine caring Ilonka inspires in all her classes. There is something about the sound of her voice that inspires calm. Even before the pandemic closed the studios and still keeps us all home practicing thru Zoom, Ilonka never changes and is genuine in her wanting to bring anyone in her class to a place their body and mind can benefit from the practice. Ilonka is empathetic, kind, funny, loving, intelligent and thoughtful in each and every class week in and week out. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be instructed by her.” Linda Bates, Delray Beach, Fl.”

About Flow Writing:
Stretch.  Breathe. Stretch this way. Breathe. Stretch that way. Breathe. Focus on breathing. Focus on love.  Clear the channel. Put pen to paper and watch words flow out that would not have happened any other way.  Feel gratitude for Ilonka, myself, and  Sattva Wisdom Center.” -Kathleen Sullivan, Cleveland Ohio.

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