I am writing this with all the love in my heart. 

All along, I have felt there is no outrunning this virus. Despite being careful, I figured eventually I would get it, especially working in a busy doctor’s office with people coming in and out. On Tuesday, I woke up achy. My temp was 100.0. It felt like a cold that I would normally have thrown some ibuprofen at and soldiered through, but we are in a new era and so I got tested. 

It was positive. 

Kids were both negative. Husband was negative too. Tested myself again. Confirmed, positive.  

I knew what to do. 

I made a telehealth appointment with a doctor that prescribes Ivermectin. Ivermectin is a cheap drug widely used in many parts of the world, for parasites, and it is also amazingly good at stopping the replication of the Covid-19 virus. Taking it early stops Covid-19 from progressing, but even late stage it is helping people. (There are also reports that it is helping people who have been injured by covid-19 vaccines). 

By 7PM that same evening I took my first dose. My family also started on it prophylactically. 

My fever never went above 100.1. 

My O2 saturation never went below 94, and mostly stayed 98. 

It’s felt like a flu, but not a horrible flu. Headache, mostly just run down, wiped out, a little foggy & weak feeling, sensitive eyes. 

By Friday I felt pretty good. Today, I am still a little weak, but okay. I still have a cough. It will be a week tomorrow. 

I continue to quarantine in my bedroom 

There has been a lot of time to think. 

During the first days, fear crept in a couple of times, what if it gets worse? Visions of horrifying news stories and FB posts of people on ventilators made their way into my mind. 

And I reminded myself, I am okay. I have prepared for this and I am doing all the things I know to do. I never let myself stay in the fear long. 

But my heart hurt for people who have fed themselves mainstream news every day for the last year and a half and then find themselves ill. What must it be like for them to experience this? The fear a big monster, looming over them as they are feeling sick. How hard must it be for the body to heal with that kind of stress on top of the illness?

Sitting in my bedroom by myself day after day has been challenging emotionally. We are a touchy feely family with a lot of physical contact. Not being able to hug my loves, (including the dogs) has been hard. And I have cried for the people isolated in the hospitals, unable to be comforted by their loved ones. It is criminal. I wept for what my father-in-law went through for three months before he died, not of covid, btw, but under barbaric lock down restrictions. 

I wept because I just felt crappy and the world is currently nuts and I needed to acknowledge that and let it out a bit. Tears heal. 

And I am also feeling deep sorrow for those not informed of Ivermectin. People whose doctors let it get so bad they need to be hospitalized before ever treating them in any meaningful way. For those who lost loved ones that might have survived had they gotten this game changing drug early. My heart breaks, that the masses have been terrorized and tortured for a year and a half, when there ARE treatments that can stop the disease in its tracks. How many have suffered needlessly? How many have died needlessly?    

Fauci, on his pedestal, ignoring Ivermectin, laser focused on vaccines, the money making endeavor, that is proving to NOT have a lasting effect as variants sweep through the VACCINATED and unvaccinated alike. 

Boosters forever. Cha-ching. What a boon for pharma. 

He did the same thing with the AIDS epidemic. Withheld safe, effective treatments instead pouring everything into new expensive drugs which turned out to be toxic and ineffective.

Please go watch Dallas Buyer’s Club. TODAY. 

Please, for the love of God, be done worshiping this man. 

If we are so concerned about stressing our hospital systems, then WHY ARE WE NOT OFFERING KNOWN EARLY TREATMENTS AND KEEPING PEOPLE OUT OF THE HOSPITALS?

Now I hear some state medical boards are going after doctors for prescribing Ivermectin, this safe and effective drug, because it is being used off-label for Covid. We use off-label drugs every day in this country for countless conditions. Using something off label is not a crime. What IS a CRIME is that Ivermectin isn’t being given to the masses. 

I’m sure there are some on this feed who feel I deserve to have gotten covid because I chose not to vaccinate. If that’s you, I pray for your soul. 

I made an informed decision, not to take part in an experimental vaccine with no long term safety studies. Vaccines brought to us by the most corrupt industry in history, with no legal liability for any damages their products inflict, short or long term. I chose this based on thousands of hours of personal study over the last 18-years. This virus is real, and it is no joke. It is up to each person to decide what is right for them. If you choose to vaccinate, I understand. I’m not telling anyone else what to do. If you choose to judge me, that’s on you and your conscience, between you and your God.

I tested positive on Tuesday, and by Friday, I was mostly okay. I continue to improve every day. Hopefully I will now have robust, lasting natural immunity. I swear to you I am not feeling cocky about this. God only knows how this will effect me in the future, and I pray that my family continues to stay safe, and that yours does too. No matter your medical choices.

I write this ONLY to offer a different view than the one you are being bombarded with by mainstream media, and to offer HOPE for those that might be afraid. There are early treatments that can help, and you have a right to know about them and to insist on them. 

During the course of this illness I’ve ventured outside each day for some sunshine on my face. I’ve taken a slew of supplements. I’ve done gentle yoga stretching every day. It doesn’t have to be as terrifying as the mainstream media would have you believe, especially if you get early treatment. Don’t sit around and wait for it to get worse. Don’t accept this. 

I love you all, even those of you who choose to vilify me for my choices. I know that isn’t who you really are, it is your pain, your fear, your inability to control the world right now. I get it. 

But we’re all one. We’re all going to the same place when we’re done learning here. Every single one of us.

May you be well.  

May you be at peace. 

May you remember, I am your friend. 

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