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One of the benefits of teaching online during this time of Covid-19 is I get to connect with people from all over. Those I would normally never be able to teach due to geographical distance are now in my classes and I love it. I am in South Florida but since the shut down, people from North Carolina, NY, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, California, Washington, (I hope I’m not forgetting anyone), have come to my classes, and it has been amazing. Zoom classes have proven to be quite accessible for most. I still have a few clients that are hesitant to try it this way but they are really missing out. Even the sense of community that forms in a studio is starting to happen. My students from all over are recognizing each other, greeting each other before classes. I love it. Of course it is okay to pop into the Zoom room at the last minute if what you are looking for is a more inward experience and you don’t feel like talking. Maybe you have not yet had your coffee, lol. You are the boss of your yoga experience. Always.

I offer private, semi-private, and group classes. I offer small private classes for families or groups of friends. I will work with you to give you the experience you are looking for.

I love my 55+ clients. I love beginners.

I am in love with helping people get in touch with their true selves, via yoga.

It is a great blessing to me that I can continue to teach during this pandemic.

Hope you join me!



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